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03 May 2010 @ 12:37 am
Poll #4: Favourite Buffy Season 1 Episode RESULTS
2 weeks ago we went back to where it all started, right back to the begining. We went back to season 1 of Buffy. It was bloody, it was brutal, many people had to choose between some their favourite episodes which for any Buffy fan is like picking a favourite kid. By process of elimination 12 became 6 and in a battle royale they were hacked down to one ultimat victor (Who after all 7 seasons are done, will he in the ultimate contest for the best Nick Brendon episode of Buffy's history)... so let's see how it went down.

Welcome to the Hellmouth, the episode that kicked everything off to a epic start... got no votes, it tried it really did but after an amazing performance in the first leg it faltdered when it really counted, at the finish line.

Tying with it was Teacher's Pet, also getting nothing. I'm guessing it's because people were scared they might be encouraging virgin eating praying mantis's to invade the school system if they gave this one a nod which I so understand, virgin eating praying mantis's scare the hell out of me.. not for any particular reason.

Up next came Angel, which also got no votes but then again it is more about David Boreanaz and less about Nick Brendon... so david_b_daily , you can do a picspam on this episode if you want, I have Nicky fish to fry.

With 1 vote, but still no where near enough to win, Prophecy Girl got a breath of life... hehe see what I did there, because xander gave buffy a breath of life so I said breath of life... Ok I should save my puns for the photos.

2 votes went to Nightmares, which means that either there are 2 people who wanted to see that classroom scene or there was an episode where Nicky really shone... lucky for me it was option B

That's right the winner, with 8 votes, was an episode that made Xander the bad guy. It showed that Nick was able to be incredibly creepy and incredibly funny. It was another episode that Joss was not afraid to kill a loved character.It was the episode called The Pack

Ahh Buffy, the greatest TV show of all time according to some, others didn't get it and some saw the title and couldn't stop laughing. Metaphor, fighting, cheerleading and of course a fantastic ensemble cast all rolled into one show. It was a rare combination that few have been able to master, but then again this show proved time and time again that it was the master of television.

Nicky brought to life the character of Xander, who in the first year had an insane crush on Buffy that lasted throughout the entire first season. IN casting the role they had a lot of people auditioning, including Danny Strong and Ryan Reynolds, When Nicholas went to audition it apparently took them just 4 days to give him the part. And so a very clever man gave our Nick his start, and who was that man?

Wait wait, that's not right. Let me just fix that...

Much better.

We beging this awesome tale of... awesome tales at the zoo where the kids are just happily enjoying a school trip to look at the animals during coitus.

Apparently it's like the heimlich with stripes... I know if i did the heimlich like that I'd be banned from every restaurant in town but that's besides the point. Buffy however isn't exactly loving it, she's done this trip before so she's not only seen Zebra's doing it, but also Lions and Tigers and Bears... I'm not finishing that reference, I'm just jumping to the next frame.

Xander however comes to cheer her up like he always does by making one very simple point, that the trip wasn't about seeing the animals so much as not being in class. Suddenly the animals seemed shiny and new... though if an animal is suddenly shiny I think animal control might need to be notified.

Soon after we're introduced to the school bullies picking on one of the schools many nerds. Mostly harmless stuff like teasing him about being the son of a monkey, a mild bit of keep-away with his pad... you know kids stuff. Well that kids stuff got a little less kiddish when the gang saw the bullies leading their helpless little nerd into the hyena cage.

So in a brave and mildly stupid moment Xander steps up to save the day... not in a mighty mouse fashion, just in a entering a restricted area way. He walks in just as the bullies are about to feed the nerd to the hyena. Now I don't know about you, but I think attempting to drop a fellow classmate into a pit with a ferocious animal should be enough to get you expelled but then again I guess old Principal Flutie was just too much of a softie... Awwww.Xander however decided to be the man of justice, rescuing the nerdy  kid from the bullies and for a moment it looked like there would be a fight in the old hyena cage.

"Pick on someone your own species" sounded so tough, I know I was yelling "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" during it but then something just had to move offscreen and Xander was as curious as anyone

What was there? well they say it's a hyena, i thought it looked more like a tiny bear, I don't know but I know it definitely got everyones attention.

Oh it must be creepy, anything that changes light patterns in small rooms must be creepy. Seriously this light thing was a pain in the butt for me the whole episode. Every time I thoguht I had a good picture it was impossible because it was night time levels of light in the middle of the day.

Anyway the hyena's lights went yellower than the Yellow Eyed demon in Supernatural, all 4 bullies eyes went the same color and then, in a zoom shot no less, Xanders eye's did the exact same thing.

Yes his eye's are glowing, best eye glow I was able to get .

This was followed by the opening credits so preceed to nod your head like you're listening to that high powered song for about 45 seconds if you could... thanks.

So we went to the Bronze next, Buffy and Willow talking about Xander's slightly weird silence and how there seemed to be something up with him but mostly they just brushed it off and then he walked in.

He checked out a girl on her way out

Seriously he stares at her boobs and doesn't get slapped, why did he have to get possesed to get that ability? Anyway after he's done his string he goes over to his best buds

Again with the staring, Xander her eye's are up-

You know what, go back to boob staring because it's a little less rude than stealing food from her plate without even saying "May I?" even worse he disses her meal.

You know how you can make up for your rudeness Xander? Give us a few really cool facial expressions in a few short frames one after another so I don't have to think of anything witty to say.

Ahhh perfect, no need for me to be witty, the world is perfect again. At least it was until Xander decided to add another creepy notch to his belt and smell Buffy's hair.

Seriously who smells hair? Creepy stalker people that's who. I swear when they made My Neighbours Secret the casting agent was watching this episode and went "Hey he's a creepy guy, let's get him". Soon though our favourite creepy stalker hyenna possesed man got a few friends, his bully buddies came in all creepy like... here's his reaction shipt because this picspams about Nick so everythings about him alone unless I say so for I am... incredibly single track minded.

Ok I want you all to do an experiment for me, it's something i noticed too (And any people good with manipping, consider this a challenge). I now believe that nick could have been the Joker in the batman movies... stop laughing, i'm serious, look at the next two pictures and tell me that is not a Joker pose. Heck just imagine the makeup on him (Manippers, help with the imagining process if you can)

Is that not incredibly Jokerish? Or at very least Batman villanish? Oh right i'm meant to be roasting the episode, my bad.

Anyway Xander seemed to be less focussed on his best friends and more focussed on the bullies that had come in.

Seriously he was addicted to watching them, they were his crack... or reality television which is even worse. Then they made a horribly mean joke about a fat kid, it was cruel and it was mean and Xander laughed...

He seriously laughed...

Why did he laugh? "Kid's fat"...

Yeah you know you did bad don't you Xander? Well no he doesn't because he's hyena man right now. Still though it was definitely enough to weird Buffy out and she told Giles this the next day... but since when was Buffy part of this picspam? No we're skipping right ahead to the scene outside in the courtyard with a very stressed looking Xander and Willow doing trig... suddenly i understand exactly how Xander's feeling.

I menan sure it's weird that Xander of all people is snapping at Willow but... it's trigonomerty

I mean we can all understand his problem, it's trigonometry which is made out of suck.

I mean ok so he threw Willow's book in the bin and just stormed offbut... it's trigonometry

Ok no, I can't go along with this. even trigonometry doesn't earn that kind of reaction.

Next thing we're introduced to an adorable little pig named Herbert, tiny... cute... adorable...

Absolutely terrified of Xander and really at this point can you blame the poor little piggie? Hell I'm barely able to stop from weeing myself in terror.

You can see why this little piggy wanted to go wee wee wee all the way home can't you?

Then we had a scene that was so horrifying, i'm simply going to show you pictures because if I pause for it to make comments i'll have flashbacks of a horribly bad sort. I was trembling as I screencapped it... the dodgeball scene.

Is... is it over? is the dodgeball scene over because then I can stop hiding in terror from the mmories of big red balls being thrown at me NO SCOTT TENORMAN STOP THROWING THEM AT ME.... Sorry, back to Buffy.

So after the dodgeball game from hell, which included Xander pegging Willow witha big red ball, we're in the halls of the school and Xander pulled Willow aside to talk to her

It turns out that... well he's done the semi smart thing and decided to give up trig

"Which means I won't ever have to look at your pasty face again" OK Xander that's just mean

That's cruel and wicked and not very nice

And you're laughing... you're laughing at her pain

She is on the verge of tears and you're laughing... ooh i hate you evil hyena possesion

Biting your thumb's not getting you out of this, Buffy is going to kick your...

OK apparently a Buffy threat's not doing it for ya. Gee would've terrified me but then again I am a wimp.

So Xander and his new friends go outside for a while, you know to get some fresh air... smell the flower, see the trees, crap like that

They were just a little bit hungry, needing some kind of food, not exactly that bad really

I mean it's just food, sure they stole it out of some other guys hot dog bun but it's only food

Sure it's rude to pick off other peoples plate but it's just...

What's that Xander? you smell food? Alright as long as no one else is eating it lead the way

OK this doesn't look so bad, nice well lit room, proably part of the cafeteria or...

Oh no.

So with dinner all sorted the group headed out again looking very full of themselves in more ways then one the oup heads back out into the quad for more fun... in the coolest entrance known to mankind

Seriously it is the coolest shot I have ever seen, it's slow motion and dark and really makes you pay attention... and Xander had to be EVIL to get his cool moment. I may weep.

And all he can do about my weeping is scratch his neck, niiice.

Seriously though it is really creepy, he can see and hear everything... and to shot that we got 2 very different kinds of close ups

OK an eye close up, I can go with that. I mean sure an eye close up is creepy and stuff but surely there's nothing that...

Ear... his ear? OK knowing that he can hear Buffy and Willow talking upstairs while Willow is crying her eye's out is really just creepy as hell. It's just so heartbreaking to see Willow cry, damn you Alyson for turning me into a blubbering mess of manflesh whenever you weep.

So finally FINALLY Buffy manages to convince Giles that there is something up with Xander, honestly I thought that was obvious when he ate the pig but hey I'm not a british watcher man. So Buffy goes off to get Xander

Looks like Xander's got her... in this incredibly creppy dark room in the middle of the day

Seriously how can it be this dark in the middle of the day

There were some pictures that were flat out unusable because it was so darn dark... although it does make Xander look menacing.

STOP LAUGHING AT MY LIGHT PAIN... anyway Xander flipped Buffy over and pointed out something very important "You like your men dark... like Angel"

It's kinda true isn't it? I mean first was Angel, then there was a brief bit with that guy who's name I forget, then more Angel, then that annoying guy that wanted Buffy in bed, Then Riley, then Spike... seriously Buffy, there's a perfectly good not-bad guy right in front of you with short dark hair and he likes you, what is your major malfunction woman?

I mean OK don't do it right now since he's all posessed and working on felony assault right now but after, go for coffee at least

Wait there's a snack machine in a classroom? OK I want all classrooms like this right now.

Again with the god damned weird darkness in the middle of the day, it's wasn't that dark in the cut scenes with the bullies and Principal Flutie.

Oh right, almost forgot... Flutie dies, yeah he get's real dead. They eat him up.. spoiler alert?

Let's have a moments silence

Ok silence over, back to the show.

So Buffy knocks Xander out in the nick (hehe) of time with a table, drags him back into the library and locks him in the cage that would later house a certain werewolf... but that might be mentioned in a future picspam depending on what wins.

Anyway while Buffy goes off to try and find out how to save Xander she leaves Xander alone with Willow to look after him. It proves how adorably innocent Willow is, I mean she had Xander unconcious and alone and she did NOTHING... good girl... silly girl because you culd've had some mild gropey fun but still, good girl.

She did nothing, remember that.

When he wakes up we begin to think that Xander might be coming out of it, he knew's that he's definitely done and wants to get help but he need's Willow.

He doesn't think that Buffy will be able to help him, that she hit's first and asks questions never

I mean sure he had a point but still

Just when you think Willow's about to let him out he goes to snatch the key's, she leaps back and she know's he's not the same Xander she knew.

He screamed Let me out in a very creepy way, banging on the door to the point where it was shaking like mad. Seriously that door isn't as strong as everyone believed it was. In fact later on that night while Buffy and Giles were off talking to creepy zoo man the bullies came back, broke into the library (Apparently hyena people don't do doors but they do do windows) and got Xander out by tearing the door like it was paper

How did that door keep Oz in there again? and notice that this and Welcome To The Hellmouth both have villains that can bend doors, but no other episodes have that effect? Weird. Anyway they break Xander out and promptly molest him

OK so they just sniff him but seriously, it's close enough. If he had been Xander he would've had to show on the doll where the hyena man touched him. As it was he became the creep of the century by going through the dark school... only i'm  not so nuts about it this time because it's night so I can live with a dark school

"The call is coming from inside the.... sorry, couldn't resist. There were a few scenes with Xander chasing Willow through a classroom but, well for starters I already have like a hundred pictures in this thing and second the dark made all pictures craptastic. It works in film, not so good in still. But soon Buffy, Willow and Giles were running as fast as they could out of the school, Giles and Willow were told to go ahead to the Zoo to help the zookeeper get ready while Buffy would bring in the hyena people

Well she got their attention, a good kick in the head will do that. She get's them to follow her to the zoo, the zoo keeper who now looks like a member of hell's own Blue Man Group is holding Willow as prey

He says something in freaktalk, or some ancient language but I don't know what one, and once more everyones eye's go yellow

Xander does what ends up a frequent thing for him to do... he saves Willow. He tackles the zoo man and get's him away from Willow, then Buffy takes over and feeds the guy to the hyena.

While Xander helps Willow out of her ropey bonds. Once again everything is OK and next day at school it seems that Xander doesn't remember anything

He definitely seems shocked that he indulged in pig. All he remembers is going to the zoo, seeing the hyena... then next thing he know's there's some creepy guy holding a knife to Willow.. He doesn't let anybody hurt his Willow

Everyone say Awwwwwwww., He's also a little curious if anything weird happened between him and Buffy, like he said or did something weird... Buffy says no, which again is kinda aww making. They instantly forgive him because they know it wasn't their Xander.

It's definitely the superior Xander, accept no substitutes

See he agrees. As h's walking away xander ran into Giles who had been doing some research

None of that research said anything about amnesia after a possesion

yeah it wasn't exactly a nice thing to know, Xander remembered everything but it still wasn't him. In a pact moment Giles promised that the secret would die with him. And so, happy to be himself xander just walked away, slowly and a little dejectedly but still distinctly Xander

And so ends the tale of the hyena man, and it also ends our Picspam of doom. Over a hundred images for one episode, but it was an episode that you all loved and adored and is now the first entrant in the Ultimate Buffy Episode Poll that will happen... whenever the other pools are done.

All Nick images involved in this Picspam can be found >>HERE<< (17 mb)