OMG OMG OMG, OK this is kinda awesome but it's another shopping related thing. I have found a copy of The Portal... that's right, the movie in Nick's bio that is so rare it doesn't have a Wikipedia page. This is a movie so hard to find that on the IMDB forums people kept talking about finding copies that were labelled The Portal and ended up getting a 2008 movie about witches... yeah, it has a DVD release and you can find it on Amazon.UK


Now this is a region 2 DVD meaning you will need to be either in the UK or have a multi region player (Most players can be unlocked to become region free, I will assist helping ya figure out how to do that) and at the moment there is no US DVD as far as I'm aware but if you find one, link us and I'll edit the post.

And now the pic to make this legal (PS, trying to post this pic, crashed my opera window 3 times)


Xander Double Your Pleasure

Shameless Plug

Hi everyone? How have you been? Cats behaving? Mom's gout clearing up? Got a promising interview on the horizon? Good, good. I'm glad to hear it.

Now here is a picture of pretty boys. (Thanks to Laurie Lee, NB.com and the usual suspects.)

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Peek at Nicks Privates

 ...that was lame, but what I have isn't. What I have is the promo for next weeks Private Practice episode with Nick appearing as Lee McHenry, also known as the role that so better get him an emmy nomination (NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK HUGE FREAKING HINT!). No picture, but videos are much much better. Enjoy


Nick is back to Practice

According to a story on UPI.com (Judge the accuracy for yourselves) Nick is coming back to Private Practice AKA the role that better get him a goddamn Best Guest Actor Emmy nomination this year.

He apparently returns in the Feb 10th episode where he'll be a patient because his girlfriend attacked him (Instead of the other way around... sorry, the Lee McHenry character gives me chills) and Sam and Charlotte (AKA his victim) must decide if they should let him live... oh this is going to be good drama.

Great, now the Nick Brendon smile is ruined for me forever... thanks PP

Nick News

Sorry I fell off the edge of the earth but I'm back with some Nick News taken straight from facebook... so you most likely know it but indulge me.

Collapse )This photo was originally tweeted by the ever so awesome and lovely jacqui on Nick's Twitter feed, then reposted to his Facebook page, isn't it grand, considering she took it with her cell phone? Isn't it even extra doubly lovely of her to let us put it here? Just an added layer to her awesome.