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Nick News

Sorry I fell off the edge of the earth but I'm back with some Nick News taken straight from facebook... so you most likely know it but indulge me.

Nick has been booked for 2 conventions next year, one in Winnipeg and another in Ohio. If you can get to either one I highly recommend it because Nick is the best con guest of all time (In my experience of only being to one con because he was there... my research might be a little biased). Just click on the names of the cities and you'll be taken to the pages for both.

Of course if you live near New Orleans I can top Nick, how about Nick and Kelly both appearing at the same convention! That's right, both of them will be at the convention in New Orleans in January, if you go I personally demand photos.

Now with Christmas coming you might be wondering what to buy your loved ones? Well I have the gift for you, a DVD copy of A Golden Christmas. They finally released it on several regions so anyone can have a copy for Christmas (I know I already have it on my Christmas list) and all those who've seen it will tell you that it's just an awesome movie and Nick is very charming in it... which considering his recent appearance on Private Practice is something I know I need to try and recover from how scary he was. So if you want to buy this awesome movie just click on the region your DVD player plays and you'll fly right to it

Region 1
Region 2
Region 4

also if anyone wants to do a picspam on any nick thing please just go to the sign up sheet HERE and just try one, the more the better. I'll have one for christmas but I'd like to see what you guys can do.

Oh wait, need to make it legal...

And now it's legal... with a stolen photo (Shhhh)
This photo was originally tweeted by the ever so awesome and lovely jacqui on Nick's Twitter feed, then reposted to his Facebook page, isn't it grand, considering she took it with her cell phone? Isn't it even extra doubly lovely of her to let us put it here? Just an added layer to her awesome.
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