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 Yes it's shopping time, that time when I tell you all about a Nick related item that you can buy because... well maybe Nicky get's royalties, I don't know how this stuff works. Main point, you can own a piece of Nicky... that sounded wrong.

ANYWAY today I have a special treat for you guys. You know that TV movie My Neighbors Secret that Nicky did a while ago? he was insanely scary, violent and downright terrifying... seems to be a theme for him lately. Anyway that awesome little movie is now available on DVD! Yes Lifetime have released a DVD of My Neighbors Secret and you can now own it.

For anyone who has a region 1 DVD player (US and Canada) click HERE to go to the Lifetime shopping site where the DVD is available for $19.95 plus postage (About 5 bucks). And before anyone asks yes I've checked both the walmart site and best buy (The two places i was most confident about finding it) and no they don't have it. If anyone knows of any other major american places that have it feel free to leave a comment, but right now the only place I know of that has it is the Lifetime site itself. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or Paypal so it should be available to pretty much anyone.

For anyone who has a region 4 DVD player (Australia and NZ) click HERE to go to the EzyDVD website where the DVD is available for $14.95 plus postage (About 2 bucks). You can also probably go to JBHIFI or DVDWorld, some places will order you a copy if you ask them about it but this way it comes straight to your house. 

For anyone else... I looked but I can't find this in any other region, if you can then please comment with the info and I'll add it to this. Alternatively there are ways you can make your DVD player region free (And by ways I mean there are codes using your remote to make it happen, you don't need to be an expert you just need to press buttons in a certain order... I'm stunned they evern bother) or you can just but a region free one, most electronic stores sell them and they are pretty cheap (Mine was like $50 and to get Nicky movies, a lot of them only seemingly available in US regions, it's worth it) so go and then order the movie from whichever one is easier for you.

If any help is needed let me know, and happy shopping.

(And yes, now that I own a copy I will eventually try and do a picspam of it)

Oh I almost forgot the legal making picture

Because nothing says advertising a movie where Nick plays a insane maniac like posting a picture from a different movie where he played a gay man... and this is why I will never work in advertising.
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